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6 févr. 2016 i have absolutely no idea what this thread is about but being from germany, I assume it has something to do with baguette. .. . . . i am off course not serious. Hey TrabanT, welcome to this French invasion. For some reason there are still a lot of people that are not fluent in English, I feel it's nice to help 

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m. ; décoration, f., etc. V. 3 i e t e lt. | 2. Fig. affectation, f., afféterie, f., mimauderie, f. V. 3i e r e r t t. 3iererei', s. f. (-, en) minauderie, f., simagrées, f. pl. ; affectation, J'., afféterie, f., mignardise, f. ; fam. petites manières, ; Arts : maniéré, m 8ier'gartent, s.m. (8, o) jardin (m.) d'agrément. 8ier'Ieifte, s. f. (-, n) Men. baguette, 

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I'm a french guy, I always though it was bullshit this image of the french dude walking with bread (though we do eat a lot of it :D). Then I got my own place, had to buy my own bread and Yep it's true. 32 Reply. deleted · 3 years ago. J'aime les baguettes, parce que je trouve que c'est très delicieux. 14. pink_cotton_candy · 3 

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